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Professional distribution services in the CIS countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Armenia.

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3 warehouses have been opened in different regions for ease of operation.


Logistics is carried out in all cities.

SULTAN stores

The company has opened and continues to develop its own chain of stores, called SULTAN. Now 20 stores are open.


Products are delivered to thousands of supermarkets and stores.


The company cooperates with many online stores, and also has its own online store.

Sweets factory

In Russia we have 2 own facilities for the production of sweets.


Trading activity


The company supplies products to many supermarkets in the region. Contracts have been signed, logistics and document flow have been established.

Online stores

The Internet trade market in Russia is $ 23 billion a year. We supply products to various online stores, and also have our own online store.

Own Sultan stores

We have our own chain of stores where we sell our entire product range. There are plans to open another 50 new stores in 2020. Now there are 20 stores in 3 countries.

Local distributors

Arabic group supplies products to distributors in the regions that supply stores with goods. New products appear in hundreds of stores at once.

Traditional trade

In the market there are small traders who sell goods in small batches. With a large number they also bring a good profit.


The company supplies various factories with raw materials, such as date paste and syrup. However, the opportunities here are very large - Russia is switching to higher-quality products, so international ingredients and technologies are in demand here.



Logistics for CIS countries

We send our products to 60 regions. All logistics are established and worked out. We can deliver the product to any city in the CIS.

Storage of goods

We store our products in modern multi-temperature warehouses. There are all necessary warehouse technic and equipment.

Sales & Contracts

More than 50 managers-sales representatives who negotiate and sign new contracts with retailers every day.


Marketing includes a system for promoting brand products, social media marketing, inclusion in the company's catalog, training managers and sellers on the specifics of products.


We create advertising and printing materials, conduct tastings and promotions so that consumers notice a new product and try it.


Proper placement of products on supermarket shelves is one of the important points in large sales. We work in stores and monitor this.


Partner support

Consulting on import of products to Russia

There are great difficulties in importing goods in Russia, the requirements are very high and they are very different from other countries. There is a high probability of fines and sanctions. We have fully worked out the import process and are ready to help and advise partners on how to do it correctly.

Promotional item

We create a variety of materials that are required to fully represent brands. This is a catalog, flyers, booklets, images for social media marketing, videos, reviews, customer reviews, and more.

Social Media Marketing

The company promotes the products on social networks: YouTube, instagram, Facebook, VK, etc. In our time, this is one of the key factors. Our company has a whole Department of employees that deals with this.

Photos, videos, product descriptions

For each product we create a description, conduct a photo session, shoot a video, and create sales scripts for sellers. All this is required for high sales.


For each partner company we will provide a Manager who will advise and help with all issues related to joint activities.

Analytics and optimization

We conduct regular Analytics for sales, identify errors and difficulties. After that, we make a plan to optimize and improve the results. We use modern analysis tools and databases.


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